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Babcock Peffer Design

Allison Babcock and Cristina Peffer are the founding partners of Babcock Peffer Design, an interior design firm on East End of Long Island. Operating independent design firms, Allison and Cristina came together to partner on a few projects. Their collaborations proved to be a rich experience for both of them, so they joined forces and incorporated Babcock Peffer Design, where they balance their combined strengths and experience to execute beautiful and personalized projects.

Babcock Peffer Design specializes in transitional design which is defined as crisp, clean, and timeless interiors that transcend current trends. Their unique style integrates both contemporary and traditional design, marrying refined elegance, enduring architecture, and uncluttered lines.

At the center of the Babcock Peffer Design process is collaborative, client-focused methodology. They have decades of experience, employing a team approach with architects, builders, tradesman, and clients selecting materials, palettes, and accessories. Working with a select group of clients, Babcock Peffer Design creates inviting and comfortable interiors that uniquely reflect each individual homeowner’s personality and style of living.

The East End of Long Island is renowned for its natural beauty and casual sophistication. Babcock Peffer Design’s projects respect and capture the light, water, views, and indoor/outdoor lifestyle that their clients love. Their sensitivity to the area’s indigenous vernacular is instrumental in creating a finished product where the client can truly enjoy the essential qualities that drew them to the East End.

Allison Babcock - BIO

Allison was first exposed to exemplary architectural beauty growing up in the shadows of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello in Charlottesville, Virginia. By the age of five, her dollhouse boasted a curated design palette that was the envy of the neighborhood children. She graduated from the University of Richmond, while also interning at Richmond design house Nan McVey Interiors. In 1992 she became design assistant at New York City based, R. Brooke Ltd. She spent the next eight years as a senior project manager at the venerable Cullman and Kravis, Inc. There she worked with many renowned architects and was responsible for several projects that were published in Architectural Digest. Just as important, her eleven years in New York City were spent building an invaluable collection of contacts in the city’s upholstery, lighting, and antique trades.

In 2003, Allison and her husband relocated full-time to Sag Harbor, enabling her to focus her creativity on the East End and enjoy this special part of the world year-round. When not designing, she enjoys travel, gourmet cooking, yoga, her dogs, and being a mother to two great girls.

Cristina Peffer - BIO

Cristina was born in Spain, spending her early years among the astounding architecture and natural surroundings of La Granja. After moving to the US at the age of 6, her family lived on a wooden sailboat that her father had built, instilling in her an understanding of space and scale. She began her professional career organizing and installing art shows for esteemed art dealer Peter Marcelle. She then opened HATCHLINGS, a high end European children’s boutique in Southampton. It was her first endeavor in retail design/buying/merchandising and fashion designing. After a wonderful 10 years on Main Street, she closed the store and joined Homenature, where she spent 4 years helping to catapult the brand to where it is today. It was a defining time in her career as her natural ability to style, coupled with an exacting eye for quality craftsmanship and materials, built the perfect foundation to transition into the world of interior design.

Cristina spends as much time outdoors as possible, and is creatively inspired by the organic beauty of nature. She enjoys hiking, sailing, meditating, cooking, traveling and music. Her greatest honor is being a mother to her four children.


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